We are the team of designers and fashion bloggers who can`t imagine their lives without T-shirts. We believe that T-shirt is an integral part of our modern culture and it should be always perfect, describe your nature, your style and even your feelings or mood, or just be funny, if you want.

That’s why we created new teetrnd.com – new e-commerce platform for designers and influencers to sell best merch products.

Each of us some times struggling while looking for a great T-shirt, because today you can find thousands of different designs and different quality level.

So we have decided to create a resource when we can share with you the best designs, fashion trends and actually just high quality T-shirts from all over the world.

Amazing can only be achieved by breaking the rules. Nothing truly great ever came out of following the rules. That`s why we are decided not to create just one more regular online shop with T-shirts, but to create a place when you can find unique and bestselling designs from all over the internet – teetrnd.com.

“[The T-shirt] is a really basic way of telling the world who and what you are.” – Dennis Nothdruft

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