Latina AF Shirt – Most Popular Latina T-Shirt Ever

Women’s Latina AF Shirt

If you self-identify as Hispanic or Latino you definitely will appreciate this Latina AF shirt, we have collected information about a highly popular T-Shirt which is great to express your Hispanic heritage.

Why So Popular?

So, this T-Shirt became a real trend after amazing Gina Rodrigez has worn it on the set of “Someone Great” in New York City in 2018. While walking through the streets with costar DeWanda Wise, Gina spotted a photographer and took the opportunity to show off her T-shirt, which read “Latina AF.”

latina af
Gina Rodriguez and DeWanda Wise on the set of “Someone Great” in New York City.

Picture by: Splash News

With this T-Shirt, Gina wants to demonstrate that she is really proud of her Hispanic heritage and to show that she is a part of the Latino community. You can hear more about her position in this interview to the HuffPost Live.

This T-Shirt is great for girls and women who want to show respect for their Hispanic Heritage, also is great to Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month and Latino pride.

A great gift to support your Latina friends, family, the Latin American community of the USA.

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