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Merch Informer is an online software tool designed for Merch by Amazon vendors to accelerate their POD business as well as make the T-shirt research process more straightforward. This tool helps you to research, manage, and get new keywords all without going straight to ever having to!

Why Merch Informer is the best tool for MBA

Merch Informer gives you almost all of the niche knowledge whenever you need it to help you make your decision. Check out what buyers want, and exactly what’s selling! Discover the hundred most popular keywords for T-shirts! Check the features of the product, statistics, along with a sales position. Save any design concept to send to the customized evaluation.


Helps you search by Merchant/ Brand. Useful for finding the Leading 100 best-selling designs of a specific brand name, after which lists all of them in ascending Perfect Retailers Rank. Low BSR towards the top, as well as increased BSR at the end.

Enables you to browse both the Homepage of Amazon .com, and even the Themed & A lot more “Merch” part of Amazon. Useful for determining the number of other Merch themes is employing a specific quote or even keyword, or perhaps viewing the number of non-Merch designs is on most of Amazon.


After browsing & choosing prospective t-shirts – it is possible to Favourite all of them for later. You could also plan t-shirts by classification. For example, it is possible to add Elf as well as Santa under a Xmas classification. No longer massive spreadsheets to be worried about!

Advanced Competition Checker

It provides you with a few compelling statistics for extra essential information. Here’s just what that seems like for the expression “Funny wolf”:

Keyword Finder

It makes use of Amazon’s Autocomplete attribute. It will help you locate additional t-shirts with comparable titles.

They are all available t-shirts you might be providing! If you love them, go on and include them to the favorites to ensure you don’t let go of them.


The whole webpage is well-secured with an SSL certificate. That is why all your details are kept securely and will not be shared. Also, because you are connecting your Amazon API account to Merch Informer, all the product searches occur via the Amazon API. It means they would not offer for free some of the designs located through the analysis.

Immediately check the Trademarkia .com list for copyright. Amazon will take copyright infringement exceptionally seriously. Therefore you better do the routine of examining with each t-shirt you develop. With the click on of a button, it appends the product browse straight into Trademarkia. You don’t have to type in the keyword. Seriously, it doesn’t get all simpler than that.


When you’re making use of the Keyword Finder, you’ll see a “Score” column. This grades the keyword on a scale of A-E based on the number of Merch t-shirts have already been made for that keyword.

The rating of “A” signifies that you think it over, and “E” signifies it’s a reasonably saturated keyword. Therefore, you ought to focus on a much less broad market.

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Yearly Pricing

Final Thoughts

Merch Informer was a game-changer for me. It completely changed the way I researched for Merch t-shirt ideas.

Think about it this way: If you sell at least two t-shirts per month, you’ve already paid for the cost of Merch Informer.

I use to be one of those users that opened and entered in the phrase, watched it open in a new window, and then determined if it was a t-shirt I should be focusing based on the BSR and how many shirts were currently uploaded.

Looking back, I can’t believe I did it for as long as I did.

At the very least, you should sign up and try it out. You get a free 3-Day trial. Don’t like it? Go ahead and cancel.

After an hour of doing this, I would have ~50 tabs open, my Google Docs spreadsheet open, and would be manually typing in the keyword in one column, and pasting the Amazon link in another.

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